What is RSS?

RSS is a technology, that enables automated sorting of information about news and actualizations at web pages. It is intended for those who want to get quick information about changes at their favorite web pages without having to visit them repeatedly.

What is needed to read the RSS messages from this web?

A program or a so called RSS reader, that can be downloaded free, but you may find it on your favorite browser as well. For example it is a part of modern www browsers or email programs, see eg. (IE, Fire Fox, ThunderBird), or (Opera). Eventually it is possible to use web RSS readers as eg. Google Reader.

The internet address of the RSS file (so called RSS Channel) can be easily set in the reader or browser. It is usually sufficient to open the initial page of your favorite www server and in the status bar appears an icon with the information about the possibility of receiving news.

Selected RSS Channels:

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